Endowed Funds

Top schools, such as Westtown, must invest continually to improve their program, faculty, technology, and facilities to meet the evolving elements of educational excellence. Moreover, a strong commitment to having a diverse student body is expensive. Endowed funds are the gifts that keep on giving by providing a strong foundation upon which the finaicial security fo the school rests.

$94.2 million

Westtown's total endowment as of June 2017

$3.8 million
Annual endowment contribution to the operating budget 

385 Donors
People who made a gift to an endowed fund or capital project in the 2017 fiscal year

$224 million+ 
Average endowment of peer schools, based on benchmark data from the National Association of Independent Schools 

What is an Endowed Fund?

Money placed in an endowed fund belonging to the school is invested conservatively and managed actively. The earnings of these funds are used for many areas of operation and improvement including financial aid, faculty compensation, and program development. 

Although subject to market fluctuations, endowed funds will produce an annual return of 3-4% for the school.

Our Endowed Funds

Westtown's endowment is currently made up of over 75 funds in three categories; permanently restricted, temporarily restricted, and unrestricted funds.

View a list of all endowed funds currently accepting contributions


While tuition is the single largest source of revenue, it only accounts for 76% of the annual operating budget of $30.6 million. Endowed funds contribute approximately 11.2% to the operating budget every year.

If you have any questions about how to make a gift to an endowed fund, please contact Stephen Broschul, Director of Leadership Giving, at 610.399.7911 or stephen.brotschul@westtown.edu

Stephen Brotschul
Dir. of Leadership Giving
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