Science Center Expansion and Renovation

The Science Center

It's all about program and flexibility for the fast-changing world of laboratory science. Westtown was one of the first to pioneer the Physics First model in the 1990's. That innovation led to more students at Westtown excited about lab sciences so now with the same student population we have on average about 125 more students in lab sciences. We continue to innovate in our curriculum, doubling the number of course offerings in the last 15 years with exciting new courses in engineering and many more. And because our students are so strong in science and passionate about it, we need a building to empower and enable independent study.

More than a Building - Westonian Spring 2014

Fun Facts
  • The national average of students majoring in some form of science is 16%, but 23% of Westtown grads major in science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM)!
  • Upper School science class enrollment has increased by 33% in the last 13 years.
  • The Middle School has totally revamped their science curriculum.
  • The new building is LEED Gold certified, making Westtown "greener" than ever!
  • Check out the Science Center's real time energy and water use here

What is the Science Center?

  • The LEED- Gold certified building* contains six labs in the new wing, and renovations to the existing structure includes dedicated space for the expanding Robotics and Engineering Program, and more room for independent research by students. 

How much does it cost?

  • As of May 2014, alumni, parents, and friends of the school have given a remarkable $11.2 million, which leaves a balance of $2 million remaining to complete this $13.2 million project.  The board has included $3 million in the total cost for endowment to offset the operating costs and depreciation of the facility.

How do I make a gift to the Science Center?

  • This spring a donor, who has previously given the largest single gift to Westtown ($1.5 million to the Science Center), gave an additional $1 million challenge gift for the Science Center. As a challenge gift, the recent $1 million gift will match $1 million in new gifts dollar for dollar, to complete the project. Your gift will be doubled! Please join her with your donation to
*LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is an internationally recognized green building program of the US Green Building Council.
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