Introduction to the iPad Program

Although your children have used computers and other pieces of technology in the
 classroom practically since they started school, the iPad is an extraordinary learning tool. On the iPad you can read, write, paint, draw, take pictures and videos, record sounds, communicate, collaborate, manipulate data, and access a world of resources. And, no less importantly, when not needed, it can be easily put aside, sliding into a desk like a pencil.

The following pages are designed to give a solid introduction to the iPad, both how it functions and its potential as a learning tool.  Unlike many devices, however, no extensive manual is needed to use the iPad.  Its basic functions are simple and straightforward, which is one reason it has inspired so many apps.

Beyond how this learning tool functions, information on the appropriate role of an iPad Parent is provided to help guide you through the issues involved in students using and caring for a powerful piece of technology.

We welcome your questions and comments now, and as your son or daughter works with the iPad in coming years.

- Nancy

Nancy van Arkel
Middle School Principal, Westtown School

NOTE: This website is based on materials developed by St. Matthew’s Parish School; we are grateful for their generosity giving us permission to use their work.

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