Welcome to the Westtown Dining Room!

We hope you’re hungry because our plate is FULL!

Our mission is to deliver nourishment to our community in the most sustainable, inclusive and delicious we can. We make 7,590  meals and provide 4,250 snacks every week for our students, faculty and staff. We cater to all of our community’s special dietary needs with healthy, unprocessed foods. We source 37 percent of our food locally, which includes the hundreds of pounds of produce that make the trip of only a few hundred yards from the organic student farm to the Dining Room. Weaving nutritional education into our dining room and classrooms to help students develop an awareness and appreciation for the foods they eat.  Click here for Westtown's Catering service. When the kitchen isn't available, The Belfry is always a good option.

To learn more about our Dining Room and Kitchen take a look at Food for Thought.

Please direct any questions or comment to Beth Pellegrino - Director of Food Services

Please direct any questions regarding allergies or special diets to Elle Clark - School Nutritionist.


  Monday 9/18 Tuesday 9/19 Wednesday 9/20 Thursday 9/21 Friday 9/22 Saturday 9/23 Sunday 9/24

apple cinnamon pancakes, sausage, potatoes, eggs, syrup

blueberry waffles, eggs, potatoes, syrup Mexican style breakfast savory style crepes hot porridge with toppings    
MIDDLE SCHOOL  pancakes, breakfast sausage, strawberries, syrup


baked ziti, garlic bread hot roast beef, rolls, beef sauce, provolone cheese chicken sandwich, chips chicken salad, rolls, chips    


soup du jour vegetable soup X X    

quiche lorraine

vegetarian fritatta

baked ziti

vegan baked ziti

hot roast beef sandwich

rolls, beef sauce, provolone cheese

provolone cheese

crispy chicken patty, rolls, veggie chicken

chicken salad, tuna salad, egg salad

vegan chicken salad


meatball sub

veggie meatball sub



break the fast- bagels, lox, cream cheese


breakfast potatoes

plain pasta, red sauce

farm fresh vegetable

tator tots

roasted carrots

lo mein bar

chips, sliced lettuce, tomato, onion

pickles, peppers 

DIY chicken, pesto, roasted red peppers, goat cheese on ciabatta roll turkey, herb mayo, cheese, tomato on whole wheat bread chicken parm on a club roll BLT- bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo- wheat bread Cuban- pork, ham, mustard, swiss, pickles on roll    
yogurt, granola, mango, berries X yogurt, granola, pineapple, berries X yogurt, granola, kiwi, berries  X
SALAD BAR SPECIAL Paul specical chefs choice kale, date, blue cheese salad hard boiled eggs sesame roasted tofu



caprese grilled chicken w/ balsamic glaze

app: hummus and pita

turkey sloppy joes

chickpea sloppy joes

beef enchilada bake

bean enchilada bake

chicken potpie

vegan potpie


veggie beef option


stuffed shells

Italian sausage


seasoned rice


veggie chicken patty

plain pasta

sweet potato fries

vegetable of the day

plain pasta

tortilla chips, sour cream, guacamole

plain pasta, rice, sauteed spinach

onion rings


pasta primavera

farm fresh vegetable

eggplant cutlets

garlic bread

DESSERT cookies pie of the week chocolate pudding fruit ice cream novelty cake cream puffs 

Westtown Dining Room

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