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8th Grade

  • Follow the leaders – that’s you and your classmates. As Work Project crew captains, Student Clerks, team captains – 8th graders are frontrunners!
  • You write the book. And illustrate it and bind it. It’s your final project for poetry.
  • Earn Upper School credit for Algebra 1 Advanced. Earn it for world language classes. And if you have the skills, go even further – because we have No Limits.
  • Learn the basics of electrical engineering while coding programmable circuitboards, practice basic medical skills in wilderness first aid training, and investigate the ways in which matter interacts chemically.
  • Canoeing for 3 days: Think lots of practice. Then think white water. Think about trusting your friends. Think about trusting yourself. And think fun!
  • Where do you come from and how do you fit into the world?  Broaden your perspective by encountering the cultures of Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America, and learn about the development of the modern world.  
  • Develop your own service project. Cook meals for homeless people. Play the piano for residents of a nursing home. Raise money for Westtown’s sister school in Ghana. You do it because you want to make the difference.
  • I didn’t notice the change as it was happening, but now that I look back on it, I can see it. It’s like growing. There’s a certain environment that Westtown has managed to create that isn’t quite like anywhere else. Everyone who goes to Westtown changes. This could be you, reading your final essay at 8th grade graduation. You are ready to soar!

Rock on!