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Voices carry.

Westtown’s English Department offers courses—required, elective, and advanced—that are both content-rich and rigorous in their expectations. English classes emphasize literary analysis, together with expository and creative writing. You will become a strong critical thinker and a persuasive communicator.

Additionally, we believe that the study of literature and composition fosters empathy. We challenge you to explore your own thoughts and beliefs, to become aware of the thoughts and beliefs of others, and to extend their awareness to broader social issues. Further, we push you to reject simplistic answers for the sake of resolution, and encourage you to pursue the complexity of ideas through close reading and critical thinking. Students with a variety of strengths come together and recognize the value of each other’s contribution.


  • Diversity of literature chosen from many traditions and from various genres, including film.
  • Process approach to writing and drafting, which uses collaborative feedback to benefit both the writer and the editor, and teaches you to develop your own writing voice.
  • Seminar-style classes to encourage engagement and active participation, with opportunities to make class presentations
  • Opportunities for project-based learning
  • Advanced study in 9-12 grades: Literature Seminar, Writing Seminar.
  • Our new student and faculty staffed Writing Center
  • Independent Reading elective

Based on the experience of Westtown’s graduates in their freshman year of college, students who have gone through the English program are consistently ahead of their peers in terms of preparation for advanced reading and writing assignments.