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Innovative teaching + real world applications = engaged students.

Through the course of a Westtown math education, students are exposed to many different ways of defining and framing problems, as well as solving them. Collaborative work, in-depth exploratory projects, and an emphasis on critical thinking skills pervade our curriculum as we continually seek creative ways to help learners.


  • Identifying mathematical questions, generalizing from particular examples, and using abstract reasoning
  • Analysis of data, graphic representation, and experience creating mathematical models for the systems generating the data
  • A rigorous, theoretical development of math systems both algebraic and geometric
  • Experience in using calculators, programming languages and applications software
  • Exploratory projects that apply math to every-day problems
  • Exceptional rigor and challenge for the most advanced math students (we offer Linear Algebra and Differential Equations)
  • Advanced Math Independent Research
  • Math Lab staffed by Math Department faculty that supports all levels of math students