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Art Showcase

The visual and performing arts are an essential part of Westtown School’s educational program and community life. We believe the arts are integral to every child’s development. Explore below to view recent work from our students.

Alice without Alice

An original festival  of devised digital performances.

What do health and theater have in common? In a showcase of original performances, the artists of Westtown's Advanced Theater course will feature Healthful Narratives. Under the direction of McLear guest artist Shanaé Burch, who developed the Healthful Narratives framework, students created one-person digital performances about community representation, health equity, helpful collaborations, ethical storytelling, and historical memory. 


TheaterTHING! is a 20-minute variety show of experimental performances for the online brain from the fall theater co-curricular. On Zoom, from three different time zones, students experimented with capturing moments of expression, creativity, and humanity during a time of chaos—this is what they found, and now they want to offer it to you for your Zoom brain.

Alexis Rogers ’21

Jake Richards, clarinet;
"Etude #5" by Cyrille Rose

Aiden Morrison ’20

Rachel Kim ’20

Sophia Hammond, guitar and voice; “Here Comes the Sun” by George Harrison