$17.1 Million Was Given for Capital Projects
Westtown boasts a breathtaking campus and historic buildings that have housed and educated thousands of Westonians. In Giant Strides, our community renewed its commitment to Westtown as a living enterprise by giving more than $17.1 million to facilities and program improvements.


Science Center Renovation & Expansion - $9.7 million (12.8M with endowment included)

Wow! That is what people say when they enter our LEED Gold, sustainably-built and energy-efficient building. Watch the video to learn more about the difference the new Science Center has made in our program.


Lake Remediation - $1.2 million (total cost is $2.6 million)

The lake is a very special place for alumni and also provides a unique learning opportunity as an outdoor laboratory. Watch the video to see the current progress of this huge undertaking.


Theater Improvements - $978,000

New rigging, orchestra pit, seats, carpeting, lighting, and sound equipment has greatly enhanced this space that is used by all three divisions.


Dining Room & Kitchen Improvements - $1.1 million

Initial improvements were made to cover the areas of greatest need, but the full project is being carried over to the current master plan in order to address major improvements to make these spaces more useable and efficient and perhaps be combined with a community center.


Facilities Building Renovations - $1 million

The Class of 1960 chose this project as their 50th Reunion Gift and led the way with donations to fully renovate this building into an energy-efficient, productive, and attractive space. The Facilities Department is thrilled with what the building has done to improve communication and teamwork.




Program Improvements - $3.1 million

This includes a variety of restricted gifts to enhance our program.