Giant Strides for ENDOWMENT

$10.5 Million Was Given for Westtown's Endowment
Today our endowment sits at $86 million, which is a sizable and incredibly helpful sum. We use a 4.5 percent spending rule so our endowment generates about $3.8 million towards our $29 million budget. We feel so indebted to all those who, over the course of the Giant Strides Campaign, gave $10.5 million to endow the following priorities:


Financial Aid - $4.2 million

In order to offer a life-changing education to students of all economic backgrounds, it is essential that Westtown has adequate financial aid funds. This past year, 46 percent of our students received $7.3 million in financial aid with 17 percent funded by the endowment. Watch the video to hear a recent graduate's thoughts on our financial aid program.


Faculty Support - $1.5 million

At the heart of every great school is a great faculty. In order to recruit and retain top faculty, we need to offer competitive compensation and professional development opportunities for faculty to continue to grow their skills. Watch the video to learn more about recent professional development opportunities.


Sustainability - $730,000

Westtown is dedicated to being a leader in environmental sustainability and stewardship, and we have made great strides under the leadership of our Director of Sustainability, Judy Nicholson Asselin '71. Generous donors created the Next Generation Fund for a Sustainable Future and the John Baird Sustainability Fund with the income going towards the salary of the Director of Sustainability and for various initiatives.


Other Purposes - $4.1 million

Besides the funds listed above, many people gave to other new and pre-existing endowment funds, of which there are over 90. We are deeply grateful for the continued support of these important endowed funds that support our program in many different ways.