Message from the Principal

Dear Mothers,


This is for you.


When you first discovered you were going to be a mother, the relentlessness of the work could not be comprehended.  You could not imagine the worries about safety nor picture the endless fathoms of patience.  A manager of gear and a master at organization are now part of your resume.  Each year, you've become a wiser listener, learning to resist the urge to get involved in the inevitable ups and downs in the social lives of children.   You made it to adulthood with both intact and broken relationships, and they will, too!  


Maybe along the way, neglect emerged as a useful strategy in the mothering profession. Ignoring noise and mess became an art form. You've realized not everything matters. Modeling not taking it all so seriously may have helped your children see humor as a way to cope.  You demonstrated restraint for the times when you wanted to figuratively clear the sidewalk ahead of your children so they never tumble.  Hopefully, you've practiced putting yourself first, at times, because a mother's sanity is valuable to the whole family. 


But more than anything, you feel the immensity of a love you never knew.  Love that is stronger, sweeter, deeper and more tender than anything you experienced before.  A love which makes you rejoice, cry, get furious and laugh.


So here's to you, mothers.  Consider your timecard is complete for the forty, eighty, hundred hours of weekly work for the past 52. Overtime is due. Take Sunday off.  Let your kids be a mother for a day.  Do less, so they can do more. They know how to take care of others.  They learned it from you.


Happy Mother's Day!




Important Messages

LOST & FOUND - Items in our Lost & Found will be on display in the lobby for the remainder of the school year.  After June 7th, items will be donated to a local charity.  Thank you!

Upcoming Events

Friday, May 18th, 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m., the Belfry lawn - Pack your blanket, dinner, and lawn games and come on out. Dessert will be provided...THINK ICE CREAM TRUCK! Please register here

Monday, May 21st to Thursday, May 24th - Book Fair in the Gathering Room. The books are provided by Children's Book World, in Haverford, and are selected by T. Lynn and the knowledgeable store staff, to ensure a high quality fair.  We will feature recommended summer reading titles for grades 3-5, as well as popular adult titles. The Fair will be open from noon - 4 on Monday, May 21; 7:45am - 4pm, Tuesday, May 22nd; 8:00 am - 6:00 pm, Wednesday, May 23rd; and 8:00 am-noon, on Thursday, May 24th. 

All-School Information

Host Family Program

The Host Family Program needs you! Join other Westtown families who host boarding student from afar. Thirty new international students and many American students from a distance will arrive next year, all of whom need host families. Host families offer some home-cooked meals, enjoy culture-crossing conversations, and often develop relationships that live on after a student's first year at Westtown. Host families are NOT responsible for boarding over breaks or transporting students. Contact to learn more.


Lower School Book Fair

You are invited to shop at the Lower School Book Fair, May 21-24, 2018, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm, in the LS Gathering Room! They will be selling a variety of books for infants through middle school, and will have some popular adult fiction for your summer reading as well. The books are provided by Children's Book World in Haverford, and proceeds from the sale help fund a visiting author/illustrator for Lower School each spring. Be sure to stop by!


Westtown Science Institute - Science Innovation Camp
What's your STEM-minded child doing this summer? The Science Innovation Camp offers students in 6th - 10th grades the opportunity to explore in an immersive, inquiry-driven learning environment. Ranging from the week-long Makerspace Intensive Workshop to half-day, one-week courses in programming, robotics, physics, and biology, a host of exciting choices are available. To learn more and to register for one (or many!) of the workshops, visit the WSI Science Innovation Camp website. Any questions? Contact Steve Compton, Director of WSI and Science Innovation Camp leader.

Tennis Anyone?
Calling all tennis players to come on out and Swing for the Students! Join us for an afternoon of fun on the Stadium Courts followed by cocktails, live music, dinner, and live and silent auction at Applebrook Golf Club. Registration begins at 1:30 p.m. followed by a rotating round robin. Players of all levels are encouraged to play! Register here.


Summer Academics

Along with summer camp options, our summer programming includes academic courses for Upper School students. Whether to open up the school-year schedule for flexibility, to deepen and enrich learning in a particular field of interest, or to accelerate advancement through the curriculum, summer academic courses are an opportunity to grow and learn. Check out the list of course offerings here.

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