Message from the Principal

Dear Families,


Yesterday was Space Day in second grade.  An event so anticipated by second graders that one second grader awoke at 6:30 and exclaimed, for the entire house to hear, "IT'S SPACE DAY!"


The space stations were spread throughout Lower School.  In the Gathering Room, two children were tethered to an airlock entrance (a table) and were building a structure while hampered with large gloves and space helmets.  Another few were calculating if they would weigh more or less on certain planets.  In the classroom, two astronauts were polishing off space ice cream and another two were laying motionless with headphones and eye masks pretending to sleep in zero gravity.


In the hallway, I sidestepped two children navigating the Dash robots around obstacles, which the children referred to as satellites.  Cruising through the lobby was the Upper School Metal Moose robot.  Five Upper School students were teaching two second grade girls how to move the large robot and grab an object.  On the first try, a second grader made the robot spin and move forward while her partner worked the controls to grab the object.  Success came immediately to this pair. 


I followed two second graders upstairs to the Earth-to-Mars challenge.  T. Oscar explained the task was to get the spaceship (looking very much like a drone) from Earth to Mars to deliver a load of Frosted Flakes, toilet paper and an Xbox.  The launch pad was on Earth.  Mars was a crater-covered table across the room.   The controls were an iPad with block-based coding.  Here success came after four or five tries.  T. Oscar inspired the team by saying, "The more you try, the more success you have."


As the astronauts translated what they learned over the last month into space stations and the navigation of drone flights, I went back to the office thinking, this is learning just as it should be.  Rich content, serious fun, problem-solving, collaboration, risk and pure joy.


With immense gratitude for all the joyful learning created, experienced and accomplished this year in Lower School,


Important Messages

A message from Nurse Bernadette: If your child has an OTC medication (other than epi-pen or inhaler) being kept in my office, would you kindly, over the next few days, stop by and pick up your child's medication? If not picked up by the last day of school, June 7th, the medication will be disposed of. Feel free to email me with any questions at Thank you!

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, June 6th, 8:30 a.m., Gathering Room - Primary Circle End-of-Year Summer Celebration.  A performance of music and poems for families and fans of Primary Circle. After the music, Primary Circle will have refreshments before heading over to their own Brown and White Day on the track. Finish up your Primary Circle year with a whole Lower School picnic on the Raiford fields by the Belfry.  This is the last day of school for our Primary Circle friends. 

Wednesday, June 6th - Brown & White Day.  At 11:30 a.m., pack up the picnic lunch and join first to fifth grades for a picnic lunch on Raiford field. At 12:15 p.m., the games and races start for grades 1 through 5. After the culminating relay race, children are welcome to leave with their parents around 3:00 p.m. Moosekids will still be an option. 

Thursday, June 7th, 10 a.m., Final Meeting for Worship and Fifth Grade Graduation - For first to fourth grade students and fifth graders and their families and friends. Summer vacation will start at the close of meeting, around 11:30. 


Thursday, June 7th, last day of school - 11:30 a.m. dismissal.  Bus and van service is provided.  

All-School Information

School Store Sale   

The School Store's end-of-year sale will begin Thursday, May 31st. With the exception of the basic brown and white t-shirts and basic Under Armour brown and white t-shirts, everything will be 50% off. Stop and shop!  Hours are 8 am to 4:45 pm daily. (Closed from 12:10-12:30 for lunch.)


Commencement 2018
The Class of 2018's Commencement ceremony will be in the Greenwood on Saturday, June 9th at 11:00 a.m. Commencement will be live streamed (and available on-demand later) via Local Live TV.


ATM Relocation
Please note that the ATM that was in the Belfry is now located on the lower level of the Athletic Center near the vending machines.

Art Gallery
If you haven't been to the gallery lately, stop by and check out the student work! Next week, the Senior Show will be on display.


Summer Is Almost Here!

Looking to fill a few weeks or days of summer with some fun for the kids? Westtown Summer Camps have new offerings and lots of activities including an hour of sports with Ball Beyond, Penn Oaks, or the Westtown Aquatics Program built into the day. Lunches are included and we offer sibling discounts! Look here for more information or feel free to contact Brian DeGroat or Nicole Davidson.


Summer Academics

Along with summer camp options, our summer programming includes academic courses for Upper School students. Whether to open up the school-year schedule for  flexibility, to deepen and enrich learning in a particular field of interest, or to accelerate advancement through the curriculum, summer academic courses are an opportunity to grow and learn. Check out the list of course offerings here.

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