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Health Center

Westtown’s Health Center is dedicated to the physical and emotional health of the school’s students. During the school year, the Health Center is staffed 24/7 by a team of nurses and a full-time administrative assistant. Students from all three Westtown divisions are served by the health center. A staff physician is on campus two afternoons a week to assess and treat boarding students and on call at all times to the health center staff.

Additionally, the Health Center staff includes a full time Clinical Psychologist and several doctoral-level psychology students who work primarily with Upper School students on either a short-term basis or throughout the year. Westtown students can also request to see an outside therapist. Upon request, a list of outside therapists may be provided to the parent to contact independently.

The Health Center maintains close contact with the Chester County Department of Health in matters of public health. The Health Center also offers flu shots to Upper School students and all faculty and staff.