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Student Support

At Westtown School, the Integrated Learning, Health & Wellness Team is composed of nurses, learning specialists, School Counselors, psychologists, psychology externs, grade deans, equity and inclusion practitioners and college counselors who serve our Lower, Middle, and Upper School students. In support of the whole child, this multidisciplinary team provides services in an intentional and integrated manner using evidenced based practices from the fields of education, psychology and medicine.

We support students so that they are well prepared to share their individual gifts and to be stewards and leaders of a better world. We do this through a developmentally appropriate and collaborative approach across the three divisions at Westtown School in order to inspire confident, self-aware learners.

During our time in Westtown Distance Learning, our three divisional Student Support Teams are committed to continuing to develop and support students' academic, social and emotional growth. We are working together to engage our student’s unique learning styles and personal strengths in order to help them engage in learning with a positive perspective, healthy self image and appropriate coping strategies. Below is a comprehensive list of the Student Support Team members that serve each division at Westtown School.