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Residential Life

Nearly 75% of Westtown Upper School students live on dorm. We believe so strongly in the benefits of living and learning in community that we require all students who enter Westtown in 8th grade or later to live on dorm in 11th and 12th grade.  No other boarding/day school makes this commitment.  And though some of our boarding students live near the school, the vast majority of our boarding students are on campus through the weekend and many of our day students come to campus to join in weekend events.

Our residential program develops students who are exceptionally well prepared for college.  Our alumni attest to the transformational aspects of living on dorm, and to the preparedness they felt upon entering college. Colleges know this as well. Westtown students are known for  their readiness to live away from home, their academic preparedness, their established study skills, and their leadership abilities.

It doesn’t happen by accident; kids don’t just live here, they take part in an intentional residential curriculum. It is designed to cultivate effective study skills, build healthy relationships and conflict resolution skills, foster acceptance and independence, and prepare students for living in a diverse and interconnected world. It makes boarding a truly transformational experience.