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Westtown Lake

The lake at Westtown – created in 1912 from swimming and skating ponds constructed in the 1860s—has long been a staple of the campus and community.

The 14.5 acre lake is home to abundant and diverse wildlife. Different species of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish can all be spotted while exploring the habitat. This rich area provides a living laboratory for students of all ages. The lake, the frog pond near the lake, and the stream that feeds the lake all provide areas for student research and observation.

The lake is also a place for recreation and spiritual connection. Canoeing, picnics, Stone Soup Days, Lake Suppers, and serene walks around the lake are parts of the fabric of the community.

While recreational and educational uses have changed over time, the peaceful and spiritual nature of the lake remains an essential part of the Westtown community.