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Science. Technology. Engineering. Arts. Math.

At Westtown we have dedicated significant resources to offering superlative STEAM education. Our best practices in STEAM begin with the assumption that STEAM is inquiry-based learning:

  • STEAM is a process more than content (though content is important)
  • The principles of design thinking are integral to the process
  • There is a challenge for students to solve
  • There are multiple solutions and multiple ways to arrive at the solution
  • Students tap into a body of learned knowledge
  • Students have time to explore what they can do with what they know
  • STEAM provides individual opportunities for creation, exploration, failure, and success
  • STEAM provides authentic ways for individuals to collaborate to bring an idea into realization

The success of our program lives on in the choices our students make when they go to college. Twenty-seven percent of our graduates major in STEM subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Engineering, Technology, Math) and 21 percent of our female graduates major in these subjects. Both of these numbers are significantly above the national averages for all college majors.

In response to the growing interest of our students, the burgeoning of STEAM careers and our commitment to innovation, we have a dedicated Science Center.  The Science Center houses the Westtown Science Institute.

We have increased our academic offerings and have adopted new curricula in STEAM subjects from Primary Circle through 12th grade. From new courses in engineering, robotics, digital arts, to linear algebra and independent study in math, we prepare our students for an ever-evolving world.