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The world changes rapidly and new technologies emerge at a dizzying rate. It is crucial, then, that students become fluent in the technology of the present and are ready for the many Next Big Things they will encounter in their lives. That's why technology is thoughtfully integrated into the classroom at all levels and why we spend a lot of time teaching digital citizenship. The goal of all technology use at Westtown is to teach essential skills first, then move on to more sophisticated applications. We believe technology should be used as an enhancement of the learning process, not a substitute. 

In Lower School, the objectives of technology use and instruction focus on the development of skills that will help children use technology to support their curricular work. During their time in the Library Tech Center, students create digital media projects that demonstrate their learning. Basic computing skills, information literacy, game design and HTML programming are also taught. The Lower School library offers ebooks and subscription databases for students in grades PreK-5.

Middle School has a 1:1 iPad program giving students access to many applications that support organization, collaborative projects and creativity. Students are able to create dynamic presentations by using video, PowerPoint and Prezis. They also create their own digital books and use digital story maps. After school, student can learning programming and design through our Lego League Robotics. We  use the Common Sense Media curriculum to reinforce positive online behavior and discussion of digital citizenship is woven into the curriculum.

In Upper School students and faculty engage the latest technologies as tools in the learning process in nearly all subjects. There are audio-visual tools in all classrooms, helping students learn sophisticated presentation skills. There are 60 school-owned computers to which all Upper School students have access. The library provides an extensive collection of subscription databases. Upper School buildings, including the dorms, provide wireless connectivity.