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The Action-Based Education

What a world our kids will inherit.

It’s filled with confounding challenges, shifting technologies, and no operating manual. The rules have changed, and schools need to follow suit if they’re going to prepare our kids to thrive and lead.

At Westtown, we have a distinctive approach that prepares students differently than many other schools, which organize their curricula around high-stakes tests. At Westtown, we do something very different; we place action in the center of each student’s experience. 

We teach our students to see themselves not as passive consumers of knowledge or culture but as active, deeply knowledgeable and confident doers.

The Action-Based Education results in part from our heritage as a Quaker school. It also, however, comes from a recognition that the world has changed and that schools need to as well. Westtown inspires young people who adapt, solve problems, collaborate, and perhaps most importantly care. 

At Westtown, we are in a continual search to find and implement the best ways to deliver excellence. 

In and out of the classroom, Westtown students and teachers engage with real-world problems and are inspired to do something meaningful about the challenges they encounter.

From the earliest years, The Action-Based Education provides opportunities to “do” learning in a way that results in students who find their voice and use it to develop the rare confidence to take action, to declare themselves as leaders, to risk failure, and to stand up for deeply held beliefs. 

Westtown’s Action-Based Education develops this confidence and much more because it goes well beyond the content mastery and skill acquisition that students need to get big things done in an unscripted world.

Some examples:

  • The Work Program
  • The 3rd grade Africa projects
  • The new Lower School Design Lab
  • The 8th grade “The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind” project
  • The 6th grade Fair Trade chocolate sale to raise money supporting anti-slavery initiatives
  • Middle School canoe trips
  • Middle School micro-lending math project
  • Middle School “Take Back the Tap” initiative
  • 8th grade individual service project
  • The new Science Center and its Design and Engineering Lab
  • The Upper School “Social Action and Change Project”
  • The Upper School Residential Program
  • The Deep Dive Designations