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The Global Leadership Initiative

Most schools prepare students for high-stakes tests; Westtown prepares students for the interconnected world.

Our students thrive in college and beyond because Westtown equips them with a high level of global understanding by immersing them in an international curriculum and community. From the Lower School to the Senior Year, The Global Leadership Initiative carefully builds global competencies starting with exploration, building towards travel and culminating, for many, in a globalized residential experience.

The Global Leadership Initiative develops our students’ capacities for ethical living and cultural understanding, analytical reasoning, communication, creativity, information literacy, collaboration, and leadership.

The Global Leadership Initiative places human relationships with the world community at the heart of each student’s Westtown experience.

Some examples:

  • Our Pre K-12 global curriculum
  • International programming
  • Our "Living Latin" partnership in Rome
  • World Languages exchanges
  • Senior Projects
  • The Upper School Residential Program
  • The Global Competencies curriculum