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Global Education

Collaborative Learning and Ethical Leadership in a Connected World

Our vision of the Westtown student:

As a result of the school’s global focus informed by Friends values, a Westtown graduate will know she lives in a diverse world and that her world view is but one of many. Throughout her Westtown education, she will have had real experiences working on and solving authentic world problems with students beyond Westtown’s confines. Graduates’ ability to lead and communicate effectively will have been grounded in the frequent practice of both.

Westtown’s educational promise is to teach young people to think while empowering them to behave in accordance with their convictions, emphasizing the connection between academic learning and acting as stewards and leaders of a better world in ways that are courageous and compassionate. At Westtown educating 'global citizens' means developing specific competencies: their capacities for ethical living and cultural understanding, leadership and collaboration, analytical reasoning, communication, creativity, and information literacy.