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Visual Arts

The art program in LS invites children to create meaning through inquiry, creative exploration, collaboration, and reflection. In our studios, iLab, and outdoor spaces, we consider and explore what it means to think and act as artists and designers. We cultivate creative problem-solving and growth mindsets. Time and resources are intentionally planned to explore a wide range of media across all grades–starting with open-ended investigations, where students can activate their innate curiosity.

Westtown School Lower School Visual Arts

These guided challenges, rich in cultural connections, modeling of techniques and best practices Guided challenges, cultural connections, and the modeling of techniques and best practices initiate students through new experiences and stretch their skills and understanding. Collaborative ventures invite us to do what is most energizing and meaningful; to work in partnership, to contribute our efforts to something larger than ourselves, to foster respect for diverse approaches, and to build friendships.

Our approaches are fundamentally informed by the Quaker tenets of diversity, inclusivity, social justice, and continuing revelation. The Lower School Art program incorporates a range of contemporary approaches to teaching and learning, most notably Project Zero’s Studio Habits of Mind, Reggio Emilio’s overarching constructivist philosophies and principles, and Design Thinking’s foundation of inquiry, empathy, iteration, and impact.

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