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By Middle School, students are ready for more sophisticated opportunities for clubs, service, athletics, and leadership. Students can join clubs, be on the yearbook staff, or be part of our student leadership and affinity groups.

Recess at Westtown doesn’t end in Lower School; it’s an important break for Middle School students as well. In fact, because movement and play are so important, Middle Schoolers enjoy two recesses a day. They enjoy a freshly-baked snack and break into groups for bench ball (a game invented by students), four square, a quick round of soccer or hoops, a song accompanied by ukulele, or simply a talk together.  

The after-school Moose Tracks program affords kids time to  do homework and play. It’s “one hour of fun, one hour of work.” Learn more here.

Middle School is a time in which the social landscape can be challenging. That’s why much of student life is centered around empowering ethical kids. We give students intentionally structured social time together. There are dances, movie nights, and trips to ice skate. All of these are designed to help kids navigate the sometimes awkward social landscape of middle school.

We have a teacher-designed social curriculum (SPARK – Spirit, Participation, Academic Excellence, Respect Kindness) that challenges students to get in the habit of asking themselves things like: Have I done my best? Have I taken a risk? Have I been kind?  In concert with SPARK, teachers talk to kids at length about social media, bullying, peer pressure, and the challenges they face as they get older.

Together we make middle school a safe place to discover, grow, – and have fun.

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