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In Middle School, service is a core value and is a three-year program that’s woven into the curriculum. Service learning honors the emerging empathy of this age group, as well as their ability to connect to and organize their service work. 

Some examples of service opportunities have included: 

  • Middle School Student Clerks – our student leaders – organize events and fundraisers to meet local, national, and international needs.
  • Drives for the local Food Cupboard
  • Spirit Dayz, where proceeds go to help certain causes
  • Support of the Pulsera Project, hosted by Spanish classes 
  • Drop in the Bucket campaign for drilling water wells in East Africa

These are just a few examples of activities Middle Schoolers have experienced. Every school year, new service events and activities are created by the student clerks. Each grade also engages in annual service learning that starts hyper local and widens in scope as students rise through Middle School. 

6th Grade: Service on Westtown’s Campus allows students to support others in our community and care for the school’s 600-acre campus. 

Fall: Gleaning produce from the campus farm for the Chester County Food Bank; Spanish lunch; and a holiday cookie party as a thank you to Westtown staff members

Spring: Eight-week long project in Science and Social Studies that uses Design Thinking to address issues of climate change on the Westtown campus

7th Grade: Service in the local community helps students to care for and give to others – and recognize that they’re a part of it.

All year: Think, Care, Act projects begin in advisories where students identify their strengths, affinities, interests, and talents. Next, we focus on what they care about in the community and the world around us. In our third step, we try to connect the first two pieces into a service project that helps others by putting passions and skills to good use. Finally, students present their projects to parents, teachers, sixth graders, and classmates at our Think, Care, Act fair.

8th Grade: Service in the greater and global communities helps students to look beyond themselves and beyond their local communities to see issues that impact others. 

All Year: Building on the 7th grade Think, Care, Act projects, 8th graders complete 20 hours of work on individual projects and write reflections on their experiences; developing a pen pal relationship with students at Westtown’s sister school, Heritage Academy in Ghana.

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