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Common Myths About Boarding Schools

The Top Six Myths About Boarding Schools

There are common misconceptions about boarding schools. Movie depictions of boarding schools might lead you to believe that they are havens for rich kids who misbehave, are full of uniformed-clad elitists, or are homes for wizards. These notions are far from the reality. Let’s dispel the most common myths about boarding schools:


Rest, Relaxation, and Reading: There is still time for more this summer!

Whether we’re in a hammock, on a boat, in a beach chair, or on the back porch swing, a book is often our summertime companion. Summer is the time to catch up on literary treasures and, of course, our guilty reading pleasures.

Teachers and school staff especially relish time to read books that are not job related. We asked the faculty and staff at Westtown School for some of their favorites.

Here’s what they said:


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