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Purpose, Illuminated 

Quakers have long considered education to be a spiritual endeavor. Westtown School, founded by the Religious Society of Friends in 1799, continues to act on this belief. In providing students with an excellent, well-rounded education, from math to social studies to dance, we emphasize that Truth may come from any corner, and that the unique qualities of each child are an expression of the Inner Light — the spark of divinity which resides in each of us. We believe that spiritual engagement is critical to each student’s journey towards success and fulfillment, meaningful relationships with others, and a positive impact on the world. The expression Purpose, Illuminated reflects our understanding that the quest for purpose in life is advanced by recognition of the Inner Light. On a day-to-day level, Quaker values, including equity, integrity, stewardship, simplicity, and peace, shine through Westtown’s community life, curriculum, co-curricular offerings, social curriculum, and residential program.


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