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Day Programs  | Residential Program: Westtown Science Institute host the 2016 National Young Innovators Conference June 19 - 25, offering both day and residential options

Rising 3rd - 9th grade
June 27 - July  29
Lunch included in full-day options and is included if you add day camp to half-day options

New for 2016

Lightsaber Construction | Learn to read wiring diagrams, solder, tune USB sound boards and assemble your very own lightsaber.  The class will be combined with fencing lessons and "padawan" training. Students take their lightsaber home at the end of week.

The Westtown Science Institute is a  truly innovative science experience for students of all ages. The WSI offers an  inquiry-driven, immersive learning environment in the lab, on campus, and in the world. Students attending WSI courses learn by working in collaborative teams to create innovative solutions that generate authentic products.

Westtown Science Institute programs inspire and nurture student's creativity both independently and collaboratively, a hallmark of a Westtown education.

Westtown Science Institute promotes investigation. Our programs thrive on student-driven inquiry, where students - not teachers - steer the direction of projects, problem solving at every turn. WSI provides a platform for growth, achievement and real innovation.

National Young Innovators Conference @ Westtown Science Institute | Residential | June 19 - 25

The National Young Innovators Conference @Westtown Science Institute | Residential & Day Options | Grades rising 6 - 9

June 19 - 25

$1650.00 | residential all inclusive

$1345.00 | day oprion (includes meals)

Rising grades 6-9 engage in week long immersive STEM experiences in hardware and software development, team-building and developing innovative solutions to challenges. The convention features an incubator modeled format, in which subscribed students begin in advance of the program to develop ideas to pitch during the program. A start-up funding grant to the team or teams of students who develop the best start-up during the week long conference.

Lightsaber Construction | multiple sessions | 9 AM - 4 PM

Lightsaber Construction | Grades rising 4th - 8th | 9 AM - 4 PM

June 27 - July 1
July 5 - 8*
July 11-15


July 5-8 ($789.00)

Lightsaber Construction: Become a Guardian of Peace and Justice

Learn to build a Lightsaber from the ground up, using top quality components; airplane grade aluminum, rechargeable ion batteries, powerful LEDs, tunable USB sound boards and a dojo quality plastic “blade”.  Students will learn how to read wiring diagrams, solder components, connect USB sound boards to software programs to tune your sound and learn proper saber handling techniques with a professional swordsmen. To top it off, you take your lightsaber home at the end of the week. During the registration process you will pick out your own light color and handle style.
Price of class includes all materials

Game Design │ Rising 4 - 7 | June 27 - July 8 │ 1 - 4 PM

Game Design  │ Rising 4 - 7 │ 1 - 4 PM
Two week camp: June 27 - July 8 

$849.00 (add AM Day Camp for $200.00, includes lunch)

Using the Scratch programming platform, students will learn the basics of computer coding and learn how to design, program, and de-bug their own games and animations.

Lego Robotics | Rising 3 - 6 | June 27 - July 8 │ 9 AM - 12 PM

Lego Robotics | Rising 3 - 6 │ 9 AM - 12 PM
Two week camp: June 27 - July 8 

$849.00 (add two weeks of p.m. Day Camp for $200.00, includes lunch)

Using the “New smarter, stronger LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3”, students will learn the basics of robotic design, how sensors work and how to integrate them into robotic design. Along the way, students will get an introduction to basic programming that will allow their robots to move and interact with their environments. Read more about EV3

Microprocessors │ Rising 6, 7 & 8 | July 11 - 15 │ 9 AM - 4 PM

Microprocessors │ Rising 6 -  8 │ 9 AM - 4 PM
One week camp: July 11 - 15


Students will build electric circuits to develop an understanding of circuit behavior. Through an inquiry approach, they will discover the relationship between circuit design and circuit function. They will learn the Arduino Development Environment to write and upload program code to an Arduino Uno microprocessor to receive and interpret data. Students will design and build sensor circuitry and coding structures to understand how robots interact with their environment. The culmination of the course will be the construction of a microprocessor controlled quad-copter.

Minecraft coding │ Rising 6 - 8 | June 27 - July 8 | 1 - 4 PM

Minecraft Coding │ Rising 6 - 8 │ 1 - 4 PM
Two week camp: June 27 - July 8 

$849.00 (add two weeks of a.m. Day Camp for $200.00, includes lunch)

Digital design, model building, problem solving, and collaboration all experienced  through the exciting world of Minecraft. Learn from experienced crafters and discover how Minecraft is a gateway to STEM.

… and for doubting parents...

Minecraft is being used around the world in the classroom, in design labs and beyond. Minecraft has been used to create real world environments by the Block by Block project with UN Habitat, a project that allows participants living in different environments to design changes that they would like to see, such as reconstructing areas of concern and even modifying their own neighborhood. Such Minecraft projects are growing at rapid rates and the value of empowering young minds to visualize urban planning, architecture and solving fundamental issues surrounding sustainable environmental change.

Chemistry of Reactions and Explosions │ Rising 6 - 8 │ July 11 - 15

Chemistry of Reactions and Explosions │ Rising 6 - 8 │  July 11 - 15 │ 9 AM - 12 PM


This course offers an introduction to chemistry including the atom, the Periodic Table of Elements, reactivity of certain elements, and reaction types. We will be doing multiple lab activities designed to help understand why and how elements react. We will safely examine different flammable and explosive reactions discussing the chemistry behind these exciting demonstrations.

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