Threads of Useful Learning

Threads of Useful Learning: Westtown School Samplers, authored by Westtown School archivist Mary Uhl Brooks, is a thorough and engaging look at the needlework produced by Westtown students from 1799 until 1843 as part of the useful education and spiritual formation envisioned by the Quakers for their children. Fully illustrated with images of samplers and embroidered globes in Westtown School’s own extensive textile collection as well as others in museums and private collections, the book discusses this important schoolgirl needlework and the education, religious beliefs, and lives of the teachers and girls who created it. Lists of all currently-known Westtown-made samplers and globes are included, along with illustrations of samplers not made at Westtown but in the school’s collection.  $60.00 plus shipping.

 Softcover, 346 pages, 11½ x 9½ x 1

 105 catalog entries with large, full color photographs 

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