The impact of your support is felt everyday. From the classrooms, to the sports fields, on dorm, in the labs, and on stage, every part of this 600 acre campus has been shaped by the generosity of our community. We invite you to browse the videos and interviews below to get a better understanding of how philanthropy is an essential part of Westtown's identity and learn how your support has a direct and meaningful impact on the lives of today's Westonians.

Our Students

Our students feel the impact of your support every day. We asked a few of them from each division to describe how their Westtown experience and this community has affected their lives.

Josh '27 - Josh is a first grader at Westtown and has two younger brothers in Primary Circle. Josh’s favorite subject at school is science, and he enjoys experiments the most. “I like mixing stuff… you get to see reactions!” In first grade, students spend a lot of time outdoors, where they identify trees and plants and work in the Lower School garden and on the farm. Josh describes why he likes being outside: “Just a feeling that you get to be free and there aren’t any strict rules in nature. I like [Westtown] because I like seeing nature in a way that’s not polluted. I like it here because it’s free and wild, and nothing is disturbing the nature, and I can get a good look at it.” READ MORE

Naomi '16 - Naomi came to Westtown during the fall of her sophomore year, and next fall she will be attending Santa Clara University in California. When reflecting back on her college admissions journey, Naomi says, “When I went to Santa Clara, the first thing that came to mind was, ‘This is just like Westtown.’ Everyone says ‘hi’ to each other, and everyone is really nice, and they were talking about how the classroom sizes are smaller, more intimate, and [the similarities] were definitely something that helped my decision.”

The role of Quakerism at Westtown sticks out as something that has had a profound impact in her life. “There is a big welcome that comes with Quakerism. I know that anyone that comes to this campus is welcome. Anyone who has something to say will be heard, and every action is supported and encouraged. There is a big sense of family and community.” READ MORE

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Our Donors

Every year, thousands of friends, alumni, parents, grandparents, faculty and staff join you in making a gift to Westtown so that we can continue to provide a life-changing Quaker education for our students. We asked a few of our loyal supporters to tell us, in thier own words, why they give back. Email to share your story!

Mariah Williams '10 - "My gift to the Westtown Fund is my way of giving back. I came to Westtown from a small New York City private school for academically talented and economically disadvantaged students. My mother had always instilled in me the importance of education and from the moment I arrived here I immersed myself into the community. I became active in clubs like the Student Union for Multicultural Awareness and Action and I became a dorm proctor. These leadership experiences and classes like Peace and Justice and Religion and Social Change taught me to think outside of myself and to stay engaged with other people and other parts of the world. By diving deeper into challenging social issues, I have learned something that cannot be taught in textbooks: compassion for those around me and the confidence to take action against injustice."

Sam Wagner '57 and Mary Ann Baker Wagner '58 - "Our relationship with Westtown and each other began over 50 years ago. We were blessed by what Westtown has given us, and are thrilled that this relationship continues now through our grandchildren. There are many worthy charitable causes around the world and we talk often about our philanthropic priorities. Westtown remains a priority for us. We know our donations are helping prepare Westonians to work for a more peaceful and humane world. We see the effect of a Westtown education and we see the tremendous results in our classmates, our children, their friends and our grandchildren. We are one family giving back because we believe in Westtown and our giving is a show of belief. We know what matters is not the amount; it is participation every year."

Your Impact

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