Alumni/ae/x Guide to Staying Involved

Dear Alumni/ae/x,

Having an involved and close-knit alum community is an essential component of Westtown's current and future success. I hope you will find opportunities to support and be supported by Westtown as you continue to travel down your own life's path. Westtown will always be a home for you.

Director of Alumni/ae/x Engagement

What Westtown can do for you

Support Your Education & Career

We can help you connect with and be supported by our alumni community.

How? Utilize the power of the Westtown alumni community through AlumniFire: Over 450 alumni are offering job shadowing, internships, informational interviews, and so much more!

Local and Regional Events

Provide information, programs, and services that speak to alumni interests.

How? View a calendar of the entire year's on and off-campus events, lectures, and speaker series presentation at

Provide Meaningful Opportunities

Offer meaningful opportunities to enrich the student experience.

How? Every year Westtown welcomes back dozens of alumni as guest speakers, performers, and presenters. Reach out to our Director of Alumni/ae/x Engagement for more information at 610.399.7914.

Remain Guided By Our Quaker Heritage

Remain guided by the Quaker calling to see that of God in everyone.

How? Westtown inspires it's students every day to be leaders and stewards of a better world. Get a glimpse of this from the student perspective by subscribibing to the Alumni Video Blog

Welcome You Back To Campus

Welcome alumni back to campus and celebrate thier return.

How? Westtown's campus is always open to you. Stop by anytime to walk around or visit faculty members. 

What you can do for Westtown

Financial Support

Provide financial support critical to advancing Westtown's mission and impact.

How? Make a donation of any size at

Stay Informed

Maintain an interest in and stay informed about the ongoing life of the school.

How? Keep your contact information current, read the latest editions of eCollections and The Westonian, and attend events in your area.

Share Your Time

Share your time and expertise with Westtown and our current students.

How? Find out about all of our volunteer opportunities at

Share Your Journey

Share your journey and the milestones of your life.

How? Submit class notes for The Westonian to

Spread The Word

Be an ambassador for Westtown in the world.

How? Share meaningful stories from your experience and refer prospective families to our Admissions Office.

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