Diversity & Inclusion work with Students

Microaggression Assembly
Microaggressions are unintentional actions that offend or make someone not feel welcome. Students learned about what they are and how to recover when they happen. Click here for D. Wang Sue’s article on Microaggressions.

Gender Assembly for Upper School Students
Students learned about the difference between Gender identity, Gender expression and sexual identity. Also learned different terms and the importance of using people’s preferred pronouns. There are times when someones birth sex is not the same as their gender identity and so correct pronoun use is important when addressing someone. (with Erin Cross)

Students who attended the Student Diversity Leadership conference helped lead activities for their Upper School peers on this day.

Diversity and Inclusion workshop series in Balderston Dorm

Conferences US students attended:

  • MARD (Mid-Atlantic Region Diversity Conference at Abington Friends School
  • SDLC (Student Diversity Leadership Conference - parallel conference to PoCC)
  • White Privilege Conference- student conference
  • AAD (Acceptance and Awareness Diversity conference at Agnes Irwin School )

Conferences MS students attended:

  • Stand Up Speak Out, Speak Up, Stand Out Conference
  • US school conversations -Race (Black Lives Matter)
  • Supporting student clubs and new affinity groups(Black Student Union, Multiracial Student Union, White anti-racism affinity group). With the creation of affinity groups I have started to create new standards and protocol for these groups so they can have the best success.
  • Bridges- mentoring program for students of color. Support for academic, social and emotional life of students. 40 active participants with 5 meetings/events this year.

BSU presents a Black History Month short film from Westtown School on Vimeo.

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