Summer Partners and Academics

Westtown collaborates with partners that offer a variety of programs centered around special interests from sports, science, and leadership training. We also offer both Westtown students and others in the local community an opportunity to advance their learning in an intensive short-course environment. Whether chosen to open up the school year schedule for maximum flexibility, deepen and enrich learning in a particular field of interest, or accelerate advancement through the curriculum, summer academic courses are an opportunity to grow and learn. All courses are taught by veteran Westtown teachers who are dedicated to creating a supportive and rigorous learning experience.

Westtown students should check in with their advisors, department chairs, and/or Karen Gallagher, Director of Studies, to be certain summer choices are appropriate with regard to prerequisites and student intention. Westtown School will work with non-Westtown families and school districts to navigate crediting within their home schools.

If you have any questions, please email

Summer Partners

Ball Beyond
Ball Beyond is dedicated to helping young student-athletes maximize their potential on and off the court. We are a full-service basketball program that innovates and helps change the way students train, think, and prepare.

As a skills-development academy, consulting agency, and training and mentoring program, Ball Beyond is devoted to building and offering guidance to kids from all backgrounds. We strive to help them reach their goals in basketball and in life.

Ball Beyond is determined to make a difference in the lives of anyone who crosses our path! We want students to maximize their potential and Ball Beyond Their Limits!

Creative Arts Academy
Our campers experience all that the Creative Arts Academy has to offer in our 12-day residential sessions. From arts majors and minors, electives and kinesthetic arts (recreational activities) to all-camp programs that build community, a session of camp helps campers advance skills, discover new passions, foster individual growth, and make friends that could last a lifetime.

Mentored by the best in their field, young artists are drawn together in a dynamic community to experience camp, explore their passions, and improve their skills in culinary arts, dance, instrumental or vocal music, theatre, and visual arts.

Girls Take Charge
Girls Take Charge is a life and leadership program for middle school and high school girls. The program is highly interactive and provides an opportunity for girls to fully express their thoughts and experiences! The Girls Take Charge curriculum has been carefully designed after years of research, surveys, and facilitation to ensure it maximizes all opportunities to teach girls key life and leadership skills that matter in real life. All girls will benefit from the specially designed set of workshops provided by GTC.

The award-winning curriculum has been carefully designed by the team members of Learning to Lead a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. The curriculum is specialized based on the girls' school level so they learn age-appropriate skills while being surrounded by girls of a similar age. Most importantly, the program is designed to be fun and interactive!

Inter Academy Camp
A one-week high level training program for youth Soccer players aged 8-16 years old. Professional Academy coaches from Inter will deliver identical training methods to those used at the world famous Inter Academy in Milan. Each player will receive a full Nike Inter training uniform which must be worn daily at the camp and 1 lucky player each week will win an all expenses paid trip to visit the Inter Milan Academy and watch a 1st team game at the famous San Siro.

Science Explorers
Science Explorers is an innovative, hands-on science company dedicated to providing an opportunity for children ages 4-11 to become engaged in the wonders of science. Whether it’s an after-school program, science summer camp, school assembly, or scout badge earning event, Science Explorers can make science cool and exciting through our interactive, hands-on format. Ever dissect a shark? What about a squid? Have you ever mixed together two liquids to create a solid? Made glowing slime? Examined a real heart? Built and launched your own rocket? Lifted a person using nothing but air? These are some of the awesome experiments that make our science programs so popular.

History Courses

  • Microeconomics - 0.5 credit (online)

Economics is the study of how a society uses limited resources to produce and distribute the goods needed to live healthy and fulfilling lives. Microeconomics focuses on the decisions made by individuals and firms, covering topics such as gains from trade, supply and demand, the welfare impact of taxes, and firm costs and profits. Grounded in the school's mission with special attention to issues of stewardship and sustainability, Westtown's Economics courses also investigate the nontraditional discipline of Ecological Economics, which probes the limits of the Earth's resources and calls into question the basic assumption of the feasibility of ongoing growth in consumption.
Teacher: Elson Blunt
June 10 - June 28 - Tuition: $925

  • Macroeconomics - 0.5 credit (online)

Economics is the study of how a society uses limited resources to produce and distribute the goods needed to live healthy and fulfilling lives. Macroeconomics investigates the dynamics of entire economy. The first goal of this course is to provide a solid foundation in most of the topics found in an introductory college-level Macroeconomics class. Grounded in the school's mission with special attention to issues of stewardship and sustainability, Westtown's Economics courses also investigate the nontraditional discipline of Ecological Economics, which probes the limits if the Earth’s resources and calls into question the basic assumption of the feasibility of ongoing growth in consumption.

Taking Economics online affords students the opportunity to learn at a distance without sacrificing the collaborative quality of education central to Westtown’s classroom experience. Course materials and goals are similar to Westtown’s school year syllabus but will be adapted and combined with traditional textbook materials (based on Greg Mankiw’s Essentials of Economics ) to take advantage of online capabilities and provide the best possible learning experience. Students will watch short whiteboard-style lecture videos created exclusively for this course, navigate labs designed to guide students to understanding through constructing and applying economic concepts, and consult with student partners as needed to help each other master the material. We will meet as a class in a chat room Monday-Thursday evenings at 9 pm Eastern time for discussion of the current topic. The average student should expect to spend about six hours each day working independently and collaboratively to complete this course. Additional questions about the course can be emailed directly to the instructor at .
Teacher: Elson Blunt
July 1 - July 19 - Tuition: $925

  • U.S. History - 1.0 credit (online)

The US History course begins with a focus on the Pre-Columbian Americas and works through the late 20th Century. It is designed to provide an overview of some of the major events, trends, and themes across US History. Aside from becoming familiar with the the historical content and developing greater critical thought, students will develop and refine refine document analysis skills and work with primary sources to uncover the past and develop personal opinions on some of the major questions that have guided the history of the United States. As an online course, a disciplined and self-directed approach is required as students navigate course content through individual and group activities daily and in preparation for an online, weekly class meeting. Students should expect to spend on average 3-4 hours daily on coursework and have the freedom to get ahead in the coursework if desired.
Teacher: John Koenig
June 17 - July 26 - Tuition: $1850

  • World History 2 (1800 – 2000) - 0.5 credit (online)

Modern World History in the fall semester covers human history from approximately 1300 CE through to the late 18th century. It takes a global approach to human history. Broad themes are explored, including the interactions of humans with their environment, the role of disease, the role of religion in conserving culture and propelling change, and the impact of technology. Special attention is given to issues of class division, power distribution, economic activity, and identity formation.

Course structure and format:

  • Course is entirely online with all material accessed and submitted through Canvas.
  • Students will complete an average of 4 hours of work per day, Monday through Thursday.
  • Class will “meet” in an electronic chat format each Monday and Wednesday at 9:00am EDT.

Who should take these courses:

  • Students looking to excel in history
  • Students looking to free up room in their schedule for courses in other disciplines
  • Students looking to hone their analytical writing skills

Teacher: Whitney Suttell
July 8 - July 26 - Tuition: $925

Religion Courses

  • World Religions 1: Judaism and Christianity - 0.5 credit

Jews and Christians throughout the world have been committed to reading and interpreting their sacred texts and developing religious traditions based on these texts. This course will explore the textual foundations, ritual traditions, and worldviews of Judaism and Christianity through their evolving historical and cultural contexts. Students will gain an enhanced ability to read sacred texts and an understanding of the diversity within both traditions.

Teacher: TBD
July 29 - August 16 - Tuition: $925

  • World Religions 2: Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam - 0.5 credit

World Religions explores the dominant religions of Asia and the Middle East—Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam. These traditions not only shape modern societies in powerful ways, but also offer unique and often instructive correctives to Western attitudes. These traditions are studied through primary sacred texts, literature, Harkness discussions, the arts and field trips. Prerequisite: World Religions 1.

Teacher: Brian Blackmore
July 29 - August 16 - Tuition: $925

Westtown’s Science Institute

Westtown’s Science Institute’s mission is to provide a safe space for young learners, to inspire their curiosity, and to challenge them to expand their scientific frontiers. WSI offers students the opportunity to explore in an immersive, inquiry-driven learning environment in Westtown’s state-of-the art, Leed Gold Certified Science Center. Alternating weekly themes allow for deep dives into robotics, physics, biotech, and local ecology. Students work in collaborative teams to design experiments, build tools, and solve problems. Learn more about course offerings and registration here.

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