Learning Center

Westtown School staffs a Learning Center (LC) that supports Upper School students on their academic journey. The mission of the Learning Center is to:

  • provide assistance for all students who want to improve their learning
  • provide necessary services and accommodations for students with documented learning differences
  • provide guidance to teachers and advisors working with students receiving LC support

General Academic Support:

Students who wish to improve their learning can find help in the areas of time management, organization and planning, note taking from texts and lectures, reading comprehension, test preparation, and test taking. The LC offers Tip Sheets, study skills workshops, and one-on-one work via appointment. Make-up tests are also managed through the LC.

Tutoring Support:

  • Faculty members work in the LC during the day and evening study hall hours to provide support in specific subject areas.
  • The LC staff work with student leaders to recruit, train, and match interested student with peer tutors.
  • The LC staff can provide professional tutors in subject areas and for organizational support. (There is an additional fee for this service which is managed directly by the tutor.)

Medical Leave Support:

The LC works with students returning to school from medical leave to create plans to facilitate their return to the classroom. These plans are based on recommendations provided by their treatment providers including medical and mental health care professionals. These plans provide teachers with guidance on student expectations and limitations as they continue their recovery towards full participation.

Accommodation Support:

The LC develops learning support plans for students with documented learning differences who qualify for academic accommodations. These plans are made available to faculty and administrators working with the students through a secured website. The LC administers tests for students with accommodations.

The LC also works with faculty through the Teaching-Learning and the Brain Initiative. The goal of the initiative is to help bring recent findings on brain function into the classroom through in-service training for new faculty on learning differences, accommodations, and brain-based learning, support for teachers incorporating brain-based learning into their classrooms, and ongoing education for faculty, parents, and students through presentations from experts in the field.

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