Find your purpose at Westtown School

Cruz Buitron '19

In swimming, the only way I can get
faster and be more competitive is by
perfecting every single element of my
race from start to finish. Striving for 
perfection not only improves what I
do in the pool but also gives me an
effective attitude for success in
everything else I do in my life.

Dewi Henry '18

By uncovering the smallest pieces
of my truth, I find confidence in
my path – in my purpose. I create
beauty not by making something
from nothing, but by revealing
what was there all along.

Evee Bak '19

Food is the language of the world;
it connects us to the earth, culture,
and humanity. When my hands
are deep within the rich soil, I learn
from those who came before me
and care for those who will come
after I am gone. Growing food is
my art and it is my purpose.

Noah Collier '20

Leadership is standing up when
someone else can’t, defending
what is right, listening to others, and
caring about their purpose. To Lead.


At Westtown School, we are uncommonly invested in helping you discover your gifts, talents, passions, and sense of purpose. We believe passionately that within each of us there is a special Light, a unique wisdom, and an evolving sense of purpose. Together, we work to help you discover these within yourself.

We don’t claim that you’ll graduate with a complete roadmap to your future, but we do know that you’ll understand how to navigate toward it. Because our thousands of alumni all say the same thing - they left Westtown with a clear sense of direction, defined interests, and the tools to continue to explore with confidence, academic preparedness, and passion.

We will support you, our community will support you. And you will grow.  

Now it’s your turn. Find out if Westtown is right for you. Fill out the form on this page and one of our counselors will be in touch with you soon.

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