At Westtown, we operate with the same 24-hours and 365 days as everyone else, but something is different here. We build in time to slow down. To think deeply. To connect. Westtown teachers believe that learning can happen anywhere, at any time, and from anyone, which is why our students take the time to truly experience our 600 acre campus, listen to one another, reflect on their learning and then act on their passions.

We build in time to slow down. To think deeply. To connect.

The Westtown Clock helps students master our era’s fast-paced culture by giving them the time and space to remain kids long enough so they can grow into impassioned, self-aware adults. As a result of this level of mindfulness, Westtown teachers and students stand out in a crowd because their talents, humanity, and empathy have had the time to grow and then bloom.

Some examples:

  • The emphasis on reflection and mindfulness in Meeting for Worship
  • Our thoughtful technology program
  • Our advisory programs
  • The Westtown Lake
  • The South Woods
  • The organic farm
  • The dozen playing fields
  • Unlike many boarding schools, we do not have Saturday classes
  • Our Middle School family-style lunches
  • Upper School Community Dinners

When Westtown students travel to Ghana, the Middle East, Peru or Philadelphia, what do people say about them? That they ask brilliant questions. That they’re unusually kind. That they’re incredibly smart. Over and over, we hear these comments – so much so that those of us who spend our days with them can forget how rare it is for kids and teens to present so confidently and competently. We know why: Westtown.

The Westtown Clock

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