The first time you step onto the Westtown campus, you'll feel it immediately. People use different words to describe it:

  • warm
  • joyful
  • energized
  • transformational
  • home

The feeling is real, and it comes from our 600 acre campus, our commitment to educational excellence and innovation, and our 217-year Quaker heritage that celebrates families of all faiths and traditions.

We are a diverse pre-K-12 school that welcomes students from around the world. Our boarding programoptional to those who enter Westtown in seventh grade or earlierenriches our community immensely, weaving a world of perspectives and cultures into the fabric of even our youngest students' education. 

As a Quaker school, we foster a culture that cherishes and cultivates certain attributes in our students and faculty alike, such as: 

  • intellectual curiosity
  • critical thinking
  • kindness
  • individuality
  • peace
  • integrity

About 10 percent of our students are Quaker, but 100 percent of them share our belief in the power of a Westtown education, an education that prepares them to thrive in a world that requires more than a keen mind. It also requires an intelligent heart and the conscience to act.  

Westtown remains steadfast in our commitment to develop very smart, extraordinarily prepared and deeply ethical adults ready to lead and serve.

Westtown families gravitate to us because we provide a deeply engaged education that grapples with our complicated world. Westtown remains steadfast in our commitment to develop very smart, extraordinarily prepared, and deeply ethical adults ready to lead and serve. Our graduates thrive in some of the world's most admired colleges and universities. They accomplish much and succeed in every endeavor.

More importantly, though, all our students from pre-kindergarten to 12th grade learn to live lives of purpose, awareness, and substance.

For parents and students alike, the return on a Westtown investment isn't measured only in diplomas; it's also measured in impact and transformation. 

Life is big. The world changes fast. But we know one thing that doesn't change: the world needs more Westonians. We're confident you'll feel it too. Let us show you around. 

Who We Are

 Westtown School: Who We Are

    • TueSep03 All School Meeting for Worship 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM
    • TueSep10 LS Picture Day 8:00 AM to 12:00 PMLS Gathering Room
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