Westtown School: Distinctions

There are many things that distinguish Westtown from other schools. Innovations in teaching practices and curricula set us apart, as does our keen focus on Action-Based Education, Global Leadership Initiative, and educating students to be changemakers in the world. That we are a Quaker school grounds and guides us in all endeavors.

Innovation isn’t new at Westtown. From being the first school in the United States to educate both boys and girls in 1799 to being one of the pilot schools for the Physics First program, Westtown has long been in the vanguard of advances in education.

Just as we prepare our students to be leaders and stewards in the world, we prepare ourselves to be leaders in education. Times change, technology changes, and what we know about how students learn best changes. We continually evaluate and revise our curriculum to adapt to an ever-changing world and engage our teachers in vigorous professional development programs.

Education in the 21st century demands an emphasis on global competencies, collaboration, critical thinking, writing and research skills – and we rise to meet these demands. How?

And that’s just the beginning. At Westtown, we’re all learners, doers and thinkers and as such we’re in a continual search to find and implement the best ways to deliver excellence.

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