We’re so glad you’re here and considering what a Westtown education might mean for you and your family.

Choosing a school is no small decision, and it begins with some big questions.

  • Will the school prepare my child for college and beyond?
  • Will the school know her—and help her know herself?
  • Will he find joy in life and learning there—and bring it out in others?
  • Will she learn to solve problems adeptly, creatively, independently?
  • Will he learn to meet conflict and challenges with confidence—and open-minded grace?
  • Will she begin to make a good life for herself—and make a better world around her?

We consider these questions for every student because we want our graduates to meet every challenge that life has to offer with well-earned confidence.

In fact, we want to prepare them for world-changing lives.

Through the course of more than two centuries, Westtown has continued to discover that preparation for a world-changing life requires more than a keen mind alone. It also requires an intelligent heart and the conscience to act.

Westtown students graduate with impressive knowledge, with faith in themselves, and with a commitment to use what they have learned to make a difference for others.

We believe that schools can both nurture students and instill in them a vision of human excellence and global responsibility. Westtown is that kind of bold school because we have a community of faculty, staff, and parents who are committed to offering just such a life-size education.

This is Westtown. I encourage you to explore further.

    • TueSep03 All School Meeting for Worship 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM
    • TueSep10 LS Picture Day 8:00 AM to 12:00 PMLS Gathering Room
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