The search for the right school for you and your family is an exciting process, but one that raises some big questions, like:

What do we expect from a school? Will our child be happy? How do we apply? What comes next?

At Westtown, we like to begin the conversation with these and other big questions. Where will your child be known—and come to know herself as a thinking, caring, conscientious young person? And perhaps most important: What are your dreams for your child’s life—both in and beyond school?

As you begin the conversation with us, consider what you can expect from a Westtown education:

Honing a keen mind-

  • exceptional academic preparation for college and career
  • masterful teachers, who educate students for the 21st century
  • a distinctively global academic program
  • a time-tested and up-to-date curriculum that leads students to fluency in technology and research, critical and abstract thinking, collaborative problemsolving, and digital citizenship
  • competitive teams for athletes as well as sports programs for all that teach fitness, team spirit, and sportsmanship
  • vibrant arts programs, offering a wide variety of opportunities for creative exploration, performance, and the joy of self-expression
  • a fully integrated local and international boarding community where learning extends far beyond the typical school day

Cultivating an intelligent heart-

  • a culturally, racially, and economically diverse community built on Quaker values of simplicity, peace, integrity, community, and equality
  • an emphasis on leadership, stewardship, and sustainability
  • exploration of spirit and inner life
  • an Upper School boarding program that imbues every level of the school with lessons in community, diplomacy, and personal responsibility

Inspiring the conscience to act-

  • opportunities to address vital, authentic, real-world problems
  • a community that values and inspires an active, informed sense of social
  • a centuries-long legacy of teaching leadership and sustainability on a global scale
  • the most inspiring classroom space of all—six hundred beautiful acres of grass, woods, lake, and cultivated fields—where students learn and practice stewardship

We look forward to exploring these questions with you as you consider Westtown. To start, please fill out our online inquiry form, come to campus for an Open House, or to call us to ask questions or schedule an individual tour. We look forward to meeting you!

Email: admission@westtown.edu

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