College Counseling

Magdalen Jane Lind '18

Maggie’s academic achievement at Westtown was stellar. She earned academic distinction every semester and faculty letters of commendation every year.  Still, Maggie was not defined by her academic pursuits alone. She was at home on the stage performing in as many dance concerts and plays as she could. She was dorm prefect twice then served as Chief Prefect as a senior. In every one of her activities, Maggie began with a desire to serve. This approach informed her work as a peer counselor, her engagement with refugees and immigrants at the Nationalities Service Center, and her strong, well-informed perspectives and activism around feminism, intersectionality, and social justice. She was the recipient of The Religion Award, Alumni Association Dance Award, Theater Arts Award, Sally Wheeler Service Award, and the Kaesemeyer Leadership Award. Maggie attends Scripps College where she continues to demonstrate integrity and initiative, and helps others to recognize that they have the power to create positive change. read more

Jordany Robleto-Baltazar ’18

Jordany, who was born in Guatemala and settled with his family in Harlem at the age of six, came to Westtown as a freshman. He was a highly motivated student whose academic work was outstanding. Jordany exceled on the soccer and lacrosse fields as well, and he was team captain for both sports. He took on many leadership roles in his time at Westtown. As a junior, he served as a proctor in the 9th grade boys’ dorm. He also served as a library proctor, Admissions tour guide,, and was co-Student Body President. Jordany now attends Haverford College where he plays lacrosse and plans to major in economics. read more

Yiheng Xie ’18

Yiheng was raised in Shanghai and came to Westtown his freshman year, after he and his parents found the multicultural curriculum and student body they were looking for. In the classroom, He earned a Deep Dive Certificate in Global Citizenship and served as a math tutor, Writing Fellow, and as a leader in the Peer-to-Peer tutoring program.. Yiheng exemplified the idea of learning for the sake of learning, and was awarded a Faculty Letter of Commendation, our highest recognition for achievement and citizenship, three years in a row. He was honored with twelve awards his senior year, including an award in Spanish and math for both achievement and commitment, the Religion Award, and the Alumni Association Highest Scholarship award. Yiheng attends Brown University. read more

Natalie Lobach ’18

Natalie is that rare student who did well in the highest level courses and subjects that seemed disparate.  While working on an Independent Project in Art in which they created an immense body of work that included paintings, sculpture, and pottery, they were also conducting sophisticated lab studies in partnership with researchers at the University of South Carolina in the advanced-level Scientific Research course. Natalie earned Academic Distinction freshman, sophomore, and junior years, and took an unprecedented 19 Advanced classes during their tenure at Westtown. Senior year, Natalie was awarded the Margaret Doty Memorial Biology Award, the Alumni Association Art Award, and Most Distinguished Scholar Award. They now attend School of the Art Institute of Chicago. read more

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