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The Religion Department helps students develop practical knowledge and spiritual depth through exposure to religions of the world.  We do this by exploring primary-source texts and by direct experience with followers of religious traditions. We cultivate a broad perspective that includes both Western and non-Western religions.

Reading sacred texts invariably fosters critical examination of both ourselves and contemporary culture. This can build bridges of understanding in a world in which religious differences so often lead to violence. Consistent with Westtown's emphasis on justice, all courses provide a perspective that includes the views of the  marginalized or “other.”

Distinguishing Features

  • Two-year academic requirement
  • Required World Religions course with direct exposure to lived traditions (through field trips to a local mosque, Hindu temple,  Buddhist sangha, etc.,)
  • Seminar classes with discussions that honor all student views,  and teachers who regularly emphasize the art of respectful listening, allowing students to learn various ways to interpret religious literature and experience 
  • Opportunities for students to deepen their critical thinking, speaking, and writing skills
  • Assignments that often permit a variety of responses:  academic research, field studies, drama, multi-media, film, and music
  • Consideration of the role of religion in current events
  • A range of exciting electives
  • Advanced course offerings
  • Independent study and research opportunities

Curriculum Guide


Calendar List
    • SunFeb25 Meeting for Worship 10:30 AM to 11:30 AMMeeting House
    • SunMar04 Meeting for Worship 10:30 AM to 11:30 AMMeeting House
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