Performing Arts

We know that performing helps kids build confidence and skills, so we do a lot of it in Lower School.


Our students love plays and musicals and so do we! Each grade stages a play each year. The students adapt scripts (and sometimes write their own) stage, choreograph and build sets for their performances. These performances are a team effort and every child has a part.


In Lower School, we believe that all children are innately musical and experience music in different ways. Primary Circle engages in musical play and explores simple musical descriptors for tempo and dynamics. First and second grade focus on creative movement, rhythmic pattern recognition, and the movement application of familiar patterns. Third through fifth grade engage in active music making on the recorder, small percussion ensembles, and the ukulele. Fourth and Fifth grade may participate in the instrumental program by taking weekly group lessons and playing in an ensemble.

Students in Lower School engage in creativity, improvisation, singing, moving, and playing at all stages of their development. We possess a wide array of Orff, percussion, and classroom instruments. Although our program emphasizes process, it is important to share our work with our community, so students perform in two concerts a year.


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