Dining at Westtown

The dining hall is the heart of Westtown's campus. It's a place where I can talk with my friends and share ideas over delicious food.

Food made by Westtown team members, not outsourced.

All our faculty and staff at Westtown are referred to by "Teacher" and their first name, because all the adults here are teachers. Our dining staff exemplify this in how they interact with our students. They are not unknown contractors out of sight -- they are chefs engaged with our students. And that makes the food taste even better!

Westtown is Unique

  • Our mission is to deliver nourishment to our community in the most sustainable, inclusive and delicious way we can.
  • Our kitchen staff is dedicated to providing healthy meals to the community by sourcing a growing percentage each year of locally-grown foods, and employing sustainable dining practices.
  • Interesting Fact: The Giant by N. C. Wyeth (1882 – 1945) has hung in the Dining Room of Westtown School since 1923, a memorial from members of the Westtown Class of 1910 to their deceased classmate, William Clothier Engle (1891 – 1916). Learn more


  • We source 37 percent of our food locally, which includes the hundreds of pounds of produce that make the trip of only a few hundred yards from the organic student farm to the Dining Room.
  • We weave nutritional education into our dining room and classrooms to help students develop an awareness and appreciation for the foods they eat.


  • We cater to all of our community's special dietary needs with healthy, unprocessed foods.
  • We make 7,590 meals and provide 4,250 snacks every week for our students, faculty and staff.
  • We provide an open and welcoming environment where students, faculty, and staff can share ideas while receiving nourishment for their day.

Student Work Program

  • The Work Program, in accordance with Quaker values, affirms the goodness of service to others and the dignity of all work. It exposes students to a variety of working experiences, such as janitorial and kitchen jobs. Learn more

  • Wednesday - January 29, 2020
    • Today's Menu

      BREAKFAST: french toast, syrup, breakfast meat, eggs, potatoes

      SNACK: banana bread

      MIDDLE SCHOOL LUNCH: chicken patty sandwiches, chips

      LUNCH: breaded chicken sandwich, breaded vegan chicken sandwich, sliced cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, plain pasta, rice

      LUNCH DIY: Cubano on club roll

      SALAD BAR SPECIAL: buffalo, BBQ sauce

      DINNER: sweet and sour pork loin, sweet and sour tofu, Jasmine rice, vegetables,

      DINNER DIY: chefs choice

      DESSERT: Kelly specialty cake

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