Oh, the places we'll go!

To have the confidence as a senior to live with a Palestinian family in Ramallah, to teach English to students at Heritage Academy in Ghana or to trek in Nepal and do service work at a monastery, you have to practice the skills of independence, resiliency and cultural understanding from an early age. One of the signature programs of Lower School is our trip program. When children transform what they learn in class to experiences outside of school, their learning becomes more meaningful and richer. Yet, we expect more from trips than applying learning in new situations. We expect our students to be admired and articulate ambassadors of Westtown out in public. Our field trips begin in Primary Circle with walks to our mini-farm with T. Tim. As the trips turn into overnight adventures in fourth and fifth grade, children feel the power of being independent, resourceful and resilient.

By the time a Lower School student leaves fifth grade, they will have:

  • Done primary source research at the Camden Aquarium
  • Met with an archeologist and Egyptologist at University of Penn museum
  • Attended a United States naturalization ceremony
  • Conducted experiments on marine life at Cape Henlopen
  • Climbed a rock wall in the Poconos
  • Visited Audubon’s home and banded birds at Rushton Farm
  • Explored over seven habitats here on the Westtown campus
  • Sorted clothing at the Clothing Bank of Delaware

Kids love going on trips, even if they aren't  quite aware of how much learning can take place in so many locations. But that doesn't matter - all that really matters is that they joyfully venture out to learn from and in the big world.

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