Beyond AP

After extensive research involving colleges and peer schools, Westtown decided to stop using the AP designation. We determined that in a few subjects (math, physics, chemistry) the AP curriculum is still good preparation for college study. In other areas, however, it is limited and doesn’t allow time for problem-based learning that is at the heart of 21st Century learning. Every department offers advanced courses that provide students the ability to reach greater depth of study.

Our Advanced course offerings are:

Topics in English Literature 1 & 2
Writing Seminar
English Independent Project

U.S. History
Hiroshima to 9/11
Issues in Current Affairs
Europe Since 1950
Holocaust and Genocide
History Independent Project

Algebra 2
Algebra 2 & Trigonometry
Calculus 1 & 2
Linear Algebra
Math Independent Research

Physics 1 & 2
Chemistry 1 & 2
Biology 1 & 2
Research Ecology
Science Independent Research

French 4
French Seminar 5 & 6
Mandarin 4 & 5
Spanish 4
Spanish Seminar 5 & 6
Latin 4
Latin Seminar 5 & 6
Language Independent Research

Religion and Social Change: Nonviolence & Justice
Religion and Social Change: Liberation, Human & Environmental Justice
Business and Society
Religion Independent Research

Drawing and Printmaking
Drawing and Painting
Arts Independent Research

Applied Music 3 & 4
Arts Independent Research

New this year is an Independent Research and Project Seminar which allows students to design an advanced research experience or project under the Director of Teaching and Learning and a mentor who specializes in the field of exploration. Whether the interest is in science, math, writing, languages or the arts, students can apply for an advanced project to replace one of their core courses for advanced credit. A component of the Independent Seminar is blogging about the progress and process of their projects.

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