Why Do You Give to the Westtown Fund?

The following testimonials detail some of the extraordinary experiences taking place within our community and illustrates the inspiration and motivation behind the thousands of annual gifts the Westtown community makes every year to the Westtown Fund.

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Stephanie Ziemke
Director of Annual Giving

Why do you donate to Westtown every year?
"Because I love Westtown.  I am so grateful for the years I spent at Westtown and I want to help other students have the same wonderful experience.  I am also grateful that my children and grandchildren have attended Westtown."
Lucretia Wood Evans '38 with grandson, Jeremy Evans '14


"Our relationship with Westtown and each other began over 50 years ago.  We were blessed by what Westtown has given us, and are thrilled that this relationship continues now through our grandchildren.  There are many worthy charitable causes around the world and we talk often about our philanthropic priorities.  Westtown remains a priority for us.  We know our donations are helping prepare Westonians to work for a more peaceful and humane world.  We see the effect of a Westtown education and we see the tremendous results in our classmates, our children, their friends and our grandchildren.  We are one family giving back because we believe in Westtown and our giving is a show of belief.  We know what matters is not the amount; it is participation every year."
Sam Wagner '57 and Mary Ann Baker Wagner '58

"Simply put - We love the school.  Some of my earliest memories are of coming to Westtown for Alumni Day with my parents, both alumni.  I graduated from Westtown and feel that the school helped form who I am today.  Steve and I met in college, and were married in the Greenwood on Westtown's campus.  We feel that Westtown is a part of us.  Our children now attend Westtown, and they are thriving.  We are thankful for those who gave to Westtown while I was a student, making opportunities possible that may not have been possible otherwise. We feel good about supporting Westtown today to give others those same opportunities, and we know that any donation, no matter the size, helps to support another student's Westtown experience."
Debbie Bacon Novak '85 and Steve Novak

"My gift to the Westtown Fund is my way of giving back.  I came to Westtown from a small New York City private school for academically talented and economically disadvantaged students.  My mother had always instilled in me the importance of education and from the moment I arrived here I immersed myself into the community. I became active in clubs like the Student Union for Multicultural Awareness and Action and I became a dorm proctor.  These leadership experiences and classes like Peace and Justice and Religion and Social Change taught me to think outside of myself and to stay engaged with other people and other parts of the world.  By diving deeper into challenging social issues, I have learned something that cannot be taught in text books: compassion for those around me and the confidence to take action against injustice."
Mariah Williams '10

"We have a hugely influential impact on our students - this is why I sent my children here, why my parents sent me, and why I teach here.  I believe that we are stewards of our resources and so should give as much as we can.  This helps us grow and fulfill Westtown's mission."
Judy Nicholsen Asselin '71

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