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We want to hear your thoughts about The Westonian and our other communications tools. No need to fill this survey out if you already responded by mail. We'll take all this feedback in and report back to you in the next issue of The Westonian due out in early spring. Thanks!

We're considering publishing The Westonian twice a year rather than three times because printing and postage are the most expensive parts of the the magazine and because we feel that we'd create a better publication if we had more time to devote to each issue. If Westtown were to go in this direction, I would...

In a recent meeting with our new alumni class connectors, one alum suggested we consider bringing back an old tradition of inviting alumni to advertise their goods and services to other alumni in the Westonian. This would both connect our alumni to each other and help defray some of the publication mailing costs. If Westtown followed this direction, I would...

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    • TueSep10 LS Picture Day 8:00 AM to 12:00 PMLS Gathering Room
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