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Senior Class Pie Sale

TREAT YOURSELF!!  (If you turn the oven on, it still counts as baking!)

Order your pies online by November 7th

Traditional Pies $20 each: Apple Walnut Caramel • Apple Cranberry • Blueberry Lattice • Pumpkin • Wild Berry w/ Lemon Crust • Cherry Lattice • Southern Pecan • Peach Lattice 

Pie pick-up will be held on Thursday, November 17 from 2:15-4:30, and Friday (a half day) from 10:30-1:00 in the East Collection Room (East End of the Main Building).

Please consider making a donation to the Senior Class!

Other fundraising options were not possible for a few years, so the Class of 2023 could really use your help to:

  • Defray the costs of school year-end celebrations, specifically the Senior Dinner Dance in June
  • Support their charitable initiatives for a class gift to the school