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Health & Life Skills

Healthy, happy, and informed.

The Health and Life Skills Department strives to teach students what is meant by wellness and how to maintain health. The curriculum helps students develop fundamental life skills to help them sustain and enjoy their life’s journey.

The Health and Life Skills teachers are not reluctant to speak with students honestly and sincerely about their physical, emotional, and spiritual beings. This is one class where students can find out about “what makes them tick” in all areas of human life. Health classes are factual as well as philosophical, and help students think about themselves in different ways and in different contexts. Students are encouraged to stretch themselves, and guided to think outside their own ways of thinking and feeling. All Health courses offer flexible and varied activities to accommodate diverse learning styles.


  • to develop students’ awareness and knowledge of healthy behaviors
  • to expose students to factual information explored within the context of family philosophy, cultures, mores and spiritual beliefs
  • to have students develop the ability to ask questions and seek information that will continue their growth and development
  • to develop the skills necessary to practice healthy behaviors
  • to support and reinforce the practice of healthy behaviors


  • Two courses, one tailored to the developmental needs of freshmen, and one suited to the maturity of seniors as they prepare to move on to the independence of college life
  • Class discussions structured to honor differing points of view
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