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Our Philosophy

Westtown has been guided by the Quaker calling to seek out and honor that of God in every person, distinguished by our commitment to peace, integrity, equity, and stewardship, and dedicated to preparing students to be leaders of a better world for over 220 years. When we are together on our beloved and beautiful campus, Westtown provides a supportive community and a spirit-led, student-centered experience of learning and growth.

While at a distance, we remain committed to these very same principles.

Westtown Distance Learning was built to support students’ academic development and their growth in Quaker values during an extraordinary and troubling time in history. Academic schedules blend synchronous and asynchronous lessons, reflecting best practices in the developing field of distance learning. Our program answers the diverse needs of our student body — their different learning styles, home environments, family schedules, and (among boarding students) many time zones.

Although we are at a distance, students and their well-being remain at the center of all we do.

The overarching goals of Westtown Distance Learning (WDL) are:

  • to provide curricular continuity;
  • to foster academic growth;
  • and to maintain our focus on community and relationships.

The Quaker concept of continuing revelation — the idea that truth continues to reveal itself — is fundamental to Westtown’s approach to program and community, especially in this time of uncertainty and rapid change. As new learning comes to light, we will assess, evolve, and improve Westtown Distance Learning. Thank you, students and families, for your feedback and your continuing partnership!

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